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Camping With Solar! Have you used solar?

Camping with Solar

Why Solar? Will I have and in today’s world of great technology, We can make the outdoor time fare more enjoyable.

My wife and I started camping when our kids were just tiny people. So It was one of the ways we could afford travel and experience wonderful family time. We have 6 children (All know grown and making their own families) As a result One of the most memorable trips we took was from Wisconsin to Colorado down to Oklahoma and back. Took 10 days and we did most of it camping in our van and tent. As a result, It truly was a trip we remember very fondly. But it wasn’t without some adventure in calamity.

Enjoying the outdoors

Why Camping With Solar Would Have Been Helpful!

One of the first things we experienced was the lack of power. We set up for our first nite at a KOA in Nebraska the kids got to swimming. Mom and I started getting things ready for a meal and bedtime. The meal goes well with our Coleman camp stove and a nice fire in the pit. Kids eat and off to bed, but we had one fun time tucking them in because it was pitch black and I did not check the lanterns for Batteries. No light, the youngest age 5 at the time! is uneasy in the dark and the sounds from the other campers and nature

This is one of the many times having solar products that are available today. I would have been grateful for a solar landscape lantern, You know the ones you can buy today at just about any garden center.

HorseTooth Reservoir Colorado

One of the other things that come to mind is when we stayed at Horse lake just outside of Fort Collins. We have been on the road for about 7 Hours and we didn’t shower at the campground we last stayed at When we arrived we discovered it had rained, the camping area there was a bit of muddy mess. In the morning it was clear and sunny. The kids and I looked like we just got done with an Ironman run. A solar shower would have been nice.   

So How Can Solar make Camping More Fun?

Whether camping in a tent our clamping in a class A RV there are many needs for technology to help us make the most of our weekend trip or long haul vacation more enjoyable. So let’s look at some of the ways solar can help us when we are out in the great outdoors.

What about Lighting?

Of course, a flashlight is a must but it does take batteries and there are some good flashlights that run on solar power or you can use a small foldable solar charger to refresh your batteries if there rechargeable.

Or you can use a kerosene lantern like in the old days. But that means having smelly fuel with you. Of course your camp fire well provide a small amount of light too.

What about keeping up with the weather?

I recently acquired a radio that has solar for light and a crank that will charge the radio if the batteries fail. It’s nice and really helps because we are never without some means of knowing what is going on around us, where the weather is concerned. Much like these ones from Amazon.

What about staying clean?

As I mentioned above a Solar shower would be Ideal just hang it in the sunshine for a couple of hours and you have a warm shower to rinse off and freshen up. You can hang it on a nearby tree or on your vehicle. Of course if your near a lake or stream you can jump in the cold water and clean up that way. I personally prefer warm water.

What about cooking food?

This one has many ways to accomplish this task and probably the easiest one. A portable gas cooker is one way. as well as Cooking over the campfire if your able to have one. You can do the old Boyscout / Girlscout trick of using a candle and coffee can too. So a solar oven would come in handy as well. There are several types and styles for cooking with sunlight. However, it’s a good idea to have a gas cooker with you for those cloudy days.

I think that gives a good Idea of what solar can do for us when camping. There are many more ways for solar to be used for camping to benefit us and you can explore more of my ideas on this.

Thank you for reading! If you have some favorite tips and tricks you that you use solar when camping leave a comment below. Would love to see what others are doing.

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