My Ideas for getting around after camp set up.

What do you do for getting a round after setting up camp?  I personally ether Walk or take the truck. We have a fifth wheel so that does make getting around  much easier. Once we are set up we can drive to town or the nere by attractions. 

But some times there are things we would like to do such a trails or travel to a beach near by that taking the truck can be not so fun simply because you can be limited in parking choices. 

If you have a camper like a class A or class C even a camper van if you want to go to town or the near by attractions then you have to pull a car with you or break down camp to take the camper or walk. 

Another Option is to haul a Motor cycle with you. But not everyone is comfortable with riding a Motor cycle. 

But what if you could use something that is like a motor cycle but is easier to haul around. I myself have been interested in the E bikes that are in the market now. 

There’s many to choose from and the daunting task of which is the best is a real a confusing conundrum. 

So for getting around after camp set up, I think this E-bike maybe a good one.

Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike  Has a five star review and it under $1000.00 .

 And they have a Fat tire portable and Folding Bike Which would make transporting much much easier specially in a smaller camping unit. Amazon has many brands to choose from in all price ranges. This one form amazon has 5 out of 5 For the reviews and a good price well below $1000.00. 

and Here’s another well under thousand dollars and folding to fit in a smaller space. This one has a  5 out of 5 review.

So with all the choices there are what do you think  is the best to start with. The ones I have linked here or do you have a e bike you favor? Let Us know comment below. I’m very interested in learning what you think is best for My Ideas for getting around after camp set up.