Is Solar Necessary?

Is Solar Necessary On My Camper ?

Short answer is no! But you may want to really look in to applying some sort of solar, if not to run your hole RV setup you may want to have a simple solar charge panel to help keep your house battery charged for when you need to be boondocking. 

What I have run into is finding that we need to pullover to a rest stop or the campsite we were intending to stay at was not available and it was necessary to  spend a night at a parking lot. Trust me!  its nice to have that battery at its best charge to operate my lights, Water pump and furnace for the chilly knights..

Most Rv’s do not have a huge battery bank to rely on. A lot of the newer 2020 campers are now coming standard with a better battery system and Solar already in stalled or at best Solar wiring is in place for a later install. However most of us don’t have a new or can just go out and buy a new Rv. So that levees us with the older models and the need to upgrade in the area of power and battery  storage. So the question, is solar necessary? perhaps not but sure can improve the quality of your travels and camping enjoyment.

What Kind Of Things Can We Do

What kind of things can we do to make our RV better ? As mentioned before most RVs come with just one Rv battery the first thing we can do is add a second battery to increase the amp hours. Extending the amount of use we would have Boon-docking. Most Batteries are 

a lead acid Battery with about 80 to 100 amp hours. By adding a second battery ( add a link to connecting to battery) you increase the amount of use time Doubling you amp hours.  But they still need to be charge at some point. That means run your vehicle to charge the batteries or find a shore line hook up or of course a generator.


But we can keep it simple. By using a solar panel to charge our battery. Here are a few of the panels I think would be cost affective and easy to use. Below is Regogy 100W 12V Monocrystalline Off Grid portable Foldable Solar panel Suit case. With the kick stand The benefit of this would be the ability to set it in the sun shine when your RV is Parked in the Shade. 

If you are Tent camping this panel combined with a portable battery pack would do you you very well allowing you to charge your [phone use your laptop and maybe even a iceless cooler. below is a link to one popular power unit  Jackery Portable Power Station 

So maybe you can see where using solar for your Rv or Backpacking add venture is a good thing. There are so many products in this category that range from a few hundred dollars to thousand all depending on what it is you wish to do. Power your home or your RV to just making camping in tent a little more modern and comfy. So Is Solar Necessary ?