No! This isn’t one of those apocalyptic the end is coming Survival do this before the end comes articles. But I do believe that being prepared for the unexpected is a good idea. We all live in a world that is ever-changing and it’s not uncommon to have a storm crop up or be stuck on the road because the car suffers a flat or mechanical problem. Throw out the United state we have happenings from Tornados to Hurricanes as well as snow storms, that can keep us trapped in place for a long time. being prepared for this is a good idea. Being prepared for everyday life to take care of simple issues like sunburn, and scraped knees. So survival is something we do every day. How can we be prepared for it?

First, let’s look at the more uncommon things that can happen to us in our world. ( My world may be different than yours. I live in the northern Midwest. So I will be concentrating on my personal experiences and not expanding into areas I am less familiar with like say the Desert.) Here in the Midwest, we deal with things like Thunderstorms that can at times produce some very scary winds and tornados. To best be prepared for this to have a good battery-operated radio (A weather Radio is best) to keep in the know of what’s happening in my area during the storm. TV and Satellite are not reliable in a big storm. your cell phone is helpful but not the best for up-to-date local news during a storm.

Some things we can have and do in the event we are cut off from power or communication. Having a good generator they come in all sizes and can power the whole house or just the simple needs like the fridge and freezer. There are gas and solar battery types. I believe the solar generator would be the best. That way we’re not running out of gas and not being able to get more right away. (there are several brands I will list below so you can check them out.)

Food! We all get hungry, If you live in a town or city have at least 2 weeks of Dry and Can goods that you can make a meal from if you have no power. I know there have been a lot of ads and talk about these survival foods that last 25 years and you can stock up for a month or two in supply just in case the world falls apart. I don’t disagree with them, But I’m not going to get into the world conspires of it all.

Medical needs I know some people deal with needing meds for one or more circumstances and this is something you can discuss with your doctor about having an emergency supply that you can rotate so that you have a supply if a storm or unforeseen circumstances happen that will help you during a time of unable to get supply. ( be sure to mind the expiration date and rotate so you always have a good useable supply)Talk to your doctor about what can you do if unable to get your needed meds are there organic herbals or any of the over-counter drugs that you could supplement with to stay off any complications? Having a simple good first ad kit is a must. You can buy them all ready to go or create your own I would want to buy one that is complete for simple and traumatic needs.

What about Shelter? Now this one can be tricky and I’m going to throw out some Ideas that I think can be helpful. One place to start is looking to the family, brothers Parents, sisters aunts uncles can help if needed. Have a discussion about what if we find ourselves in emergency need. I know not everyone Has Family they can go to or they all live in the same area and may be in the same circumstances. Consider purchasing a good quality Tent that you could use for shelter if needed. Look at what you would need if all you had was your automobile. This is one area you have to be creative and take the time to think about it and write down your plan of what-ifs. Looking into the various supplies you should have like a camping stove or the simple cast iron pots and pans to cook over an open fire. Having thermal sleeping bags for cold weather. Take the time to think about what your personal needs would be. Gather those items and place them where you could easily grab them and go if needed.

Money! Yes, money this world runs on it even in an emergency. So simply put you should have at your disposal some money cold hard cash to use if you can’t get to the bank. I would suggest at the very least Two hundred Dollars in small bills. Keep it in an envelope where you can find it when needed. If you feel your family would do well with more cash fine do that. You decide but cash on hand is a must.